Chris Shugart,

Marketing Communications and Management


Chris Shugart is a master of business communications. Longevity and experience have a way of bringing about expertise and know-how that can't be acquired in any other way. "I've been involved in marketing and advertising virtually all of my professional life. My hands-on experience covers just about every facet of strategy, design, and production."

Chris brings an extensive set of talents and skills to any project, with a solid background in a variety of mediums and venues. He also has a diverse knowledge of products and services, covering a wide range of industries serving both the consumer and the business sector. To say that he's done it all isn't an overstatement.

With the emergence of digital media and communications, Chris began developing a series of strategies designed to address the ever-expanding online marketing phenomenon. Although online marketing is largely a numbers game, creative content should never be overlooked. Neglecting the human element can make your digital material appear sterile and lifeless. Chris Shugart keeps focused on the needs, demands, and expectations of your customers and prospects.

While knowledge, experience, and technical know-how are valuable assets, it all comes down to being effective. Chris Shugart recognizes that compelling promotional campaigns are ultimately not about the technology, but about the content. Effective marketing communications requires expertise that transcends even the most sophisticated marketing automation software. The bottom line is and will always be communication.

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